27 Life Tips On My 27th Birthday

Is it possible to feel young and old at the same time?

A father and his son playing on the bed
  • Acted in plays
  • Been in love
  • Had my heart broken
  • Broken a heart
  • Started my own business
  • Had threesomes
  • Failed out of college
  • Bombed while performing stand-up comedy
  • Started a podcast
  • Started a YouTube channel
  • Done coke in my friend’s bathroom when he asked me not to
  • Cultivated amazing relationships
  • Shattered relationships
  • Been punched in the face
  • Been punched in the chest
  • Been punched in the stomach
  • Lived in another country and learned its language
  • Tried a lot of things
  • Failed at most of them

27 Tips

1) You will never regret spending an hour reading, working out, or calling a friend. You will almost always regret spending an hour scrolling on your phone. No one ever wished they spent more time on social media.

  • Sleep: Are you consistently getting 7–9 hours each night?
  • Exercise: Are you doing strenuous exercise three times a week?
  • What am I doing too much of that’s getting in the way of these things?
  • What am I not doing enough of to maximize them?

Obsessed with learning, growing, upping my value, and helping others do the same.

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